5 Different Cabinet Hardware Styles

Cabinet knobs are the small details of a much larger design, but they still make a big difference in a cabinet’s overall appearance. Designer cabinet hardware is striking, so striking that even the most carefully planned kitchen décor can be thrown off by mismatched knobs or low-quality drawer pulls. If you want the hardware that goes best with your décor, bringing a beautiful finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom, familiarize yourself with these 5 different cabinet hardware styles.


Premium Cabinet Hardware Styles


  • Ceramic and Glass cabinet knobs: These knobs have a classical look to them. Ceramic knobs usually comes in a glossy white, while glass knobs can be clear or colorful. Both work well with Victorian style kitchens or other classical, ornate themes.


  • Plain cabinet knobs: The “plain” knobs – the ones without filigree or stamping – might be the most popular ones available today, and that’s not because people are boring. Plain knobs come in lots of different shapes, the most popular of which are round and square. In kitchens with simple contemporary themes, plain knobs work especially well, but they can be integrated into classic or country style kitchens as well, with the help of some antique finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or cast iron.


  • Ornate cabinet knobs: There are several different styles of ornate knobs. Some have simple raised circles, others with vine motifs. If you’re trying to strike a balance between simple modern and decorative classic, these knobs might be the way to go.


  • Elongated cabinet knobs: With an elongated knob, you get the convenience of a knob with the effortless grasp of a handle. They have a lot of surface area and, unlike a handle, they’re easy to install.


  • Decorative cabinet knobs: Need a finishing touch on your décor? A good motif can help. With decorative knobs, you can combine multiple themes—sports, food, etc—in your own, unique way.  These can be the final touch or the main feature of a well-laid kitchen design.



You spend so much time in your kitchen every day, it should be a place that makes you feel alive. If your kitchen’s style is beginning to bore you, you owe it to yourself to change it up! There are so many wonderful ways to modernize and revitalize your interior space these days that the options really are quite limitless.

For inspiration and advice on selecting the perfect hardware set for you kitchen or bathroom, contact the specialists at Premium Hardware and come see all the beautiful designs available in our showroom!