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  • 09

    Trends in modern decorative hardware

    Taking on an entire room makeover can seem like a daunting task. However, one of the easiest ways to make a change in the look of a space can...

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  • 26

    The Details on Door Handing

    When having new doors installed, don’t forget about the hardware – and, perhaps more important, don’t overlook where that hardware should go. Getting door handing correct is essential –...

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  • edgar berebi premium hardware

    The Masterwork Atelier,  Edgar Berebi

    Few hardware designers come close to matching the exquisite detail and remarkable craftsmanship embodied in Edgar Berebi’s line of premium cabinet and door hardware. It’s just breathtaking to marvel...

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  • 05

    How to Order Door Hardware

    Your front doors are the gateway to your home and they should capture your spirit and personality. We always strive to help a client choose the perfect complement to...

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  • designer home hardware

    The Personal Touch of Designer Doorware

    When it comes to door hardware, few companies come close to the mastery of Designer Doorware, an Australian manufacturer of superior quality door furniture and architectural hardware including door handles...

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  • designer door hardware

    Tips for Choosing Interior Door Hardware

    You and your houseguests are more likely to notice interior door hardware when it does not fit the style of your house or it does not function as well as you...

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