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  • reveal designs ohio

    The Modern Edge of Reveal Designs

    Home Hardware from Reveal Designs Leading the market in sleek, modern home hardware design is none other than Reveal Designs, an American design and manufacturing company that specializes in...

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  • edgar berebi premium hardware

    The Masterwork Atelier,  Edgar Berebi

    Few hardware designers come close to matching the exquisite detail and remarkable craftsmanship embodied in Edgar Berebi’s line of premium cabinet and door hardware. It’s just breathtaking to marvel...

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  • zen hardware vendor

    The Elegant Spirit of ZEN

    Every so often a hardware manufacturer comes along that combines a beautiful aesthetic appeal with an inspired mission to transform the home environment. That’s what we love so much about...

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  • 10

    The Inspired Work of Philip Watts

    This month’s featured vendor is one of our favorite hardware manufacturers for their extensive selection of custom cabinet and door hardware.  Philip Watts is a UK based designer and manufacturer...

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  • 14

    The Craftmanship and Artistry of Hardware Renaissance

    Our featured vendor for the month of June is Hardware Renaissance. With over a decade of handcrafted designs, Hardware Renaissance’s pieces are created with a focus on sustainability and,...

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  • 10

    The Quality and Flair of Water Street Brass

    This month’s featured vendor offers an exceptional blend of form, function, and beauty in their unique line of classic residential door hardware.  We’re very proud to be one of their...

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  • 13

    The Rustic Appeal of Sun Valley Bronze

    One of the best things about Sun Valley Bronze is that it’s a true American success story; a family owned company making original design concepts from solid bronze. It’s...

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  • designer home hardware

    The Personal Touch of Designer Doorware

    When it comes to door hardware, few companies come close to the mastery of Designer Doorware, an Australian manufacturer of superior quality door furniture and architectural hardware including door handles...

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  • 22

    The Classic Look of Armac Martin

    With a long, proud history of designing and manufacturing the highest quality home hardware and furniture products, Armac Martin continues to dazzle us with their premium line of polished brass fixtures....

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  • 03

    The Beautiful Touch of Turnstyle Designs

    Interior door and cabinet hardware design can suffer when manufacturers opt for function over form. The result is often an uninteresting selection of cabinet hardware that fulfills its basic...

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