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Choosing the Right Hardware for your Kitchen Cabinets

Going to a specialty hardware showroom and paying a little extra for unique and engaging designs may very well be worth the investment if you’re looking for options outside the mainstream. Choices for material and detailing are endless, yet there a few common styles that remain tried and true among designers and homeowners alike.  Knowing what kind of kitchen hardware you desire is, of course, the first step in narrowing your search. Here are three ideas to get you on your way to spicing up your kitchen with quality hardware.


Streamline Modern

These curved, slender lines were first inspired by the high-speed rails and ships of the art deco era. They also permeated the architecture and furnishings of the mid-1930s. A natural for modern kitchen cabinetry, these slim moderns often come in stainless steel—perfect for dark stained wood. Think of the nautical-themed rooms you see in theme parks these days; that’s what we’re talking about.

If you want easy grip—something shallow pulls do not provide—this is the way to go: sleek, elegant, roomy, and functional. However, if you’re interested in large pulls, just know that these beauties can be much pricier than the smaller varieties.


Bar Pulls

Don’t assume you need a modern kitchen for these to work. Whether your kitchen ismodern, minimalist, contemporary, traditional, or transitional, bar pulls can be glamorous–a great way to add some jazz to whichever style is already there.

To eliminate the need for two pulls on a wide drawer, go for an oversized one. For drawers 18 inches wide or wider, use two knobs (or pulls). You can go wider but keep in mind that most designers stick with kitchen drawer pulls no larger than three-quarters the width of the drawer. Before you replace your whole kitchen hardware line, visit a showroom or gallery like the one at Premium Hardware to see the different styles available and how they feel in the hand. The knobs should have a secure grip as well as a streamlined appearance.


Window Sash Pulls

These pulls were first designed in the 1900s for the purpose of lifting heavy windows. They have an industrial feel to them, giving off an old-timey vibe many of us find pleasant and nostalgic. Window fittings used to be smooth and simple—like the window sash style.

Window sash drawer pulls come in a several different varieties which work well in traditional, colonial, country, or vintage kitchens. They aren’t overly distracting, unless you get too wacky with the colors, of course.

As you probably know from speaking with us here in the Premium Hardware showroom, your options for kitchen hardware are virtually endless. It’s tempting, if you feel overwhelmed, to nab something and run. Stick around, ask some extra questions, and do some careful reading. These micro-designs can matter just as much as the big stuff and you’ll notice them for years.


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