Designer Spotlight: Chris King of Manifesto

At Premium Hardware, we’re blessed to work with some of the most talented interior designers and home architects in the Midwest.  People would be amazed at how much raw talent there is right here in Columbus, from interior design and home decor to architects and building contractors. It’s a treasure trove of gorgeous work and we want to shine a spotlight on some of the most talented people in the industry.


In this edition of Designer Spotlight, we speak with the talented Chris King of Manifesto Inc.  Chris has been working on his own since 1994, specializing in residential and commercial interior design and bringing his own unique style to everything he touches. Alongside a laundry list of awards and recognition from his peers in the industry, Chris and Manifesto have been ranked as the Best Interior Design Firm in Columbus by Columbus CEO Magazine three years running.  We’re very happy to have his insight here on the blog.


How did you get started with interior design?

I worked for a designer in high school out of Cincinnati, OH and decided quickly that that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of time. I earned my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Ohio State University and took a semester of Architecture at Miami University Luxembourg. After that, I worked for Federated department stores as a fashion coordinator and shortly after started my own interior design Co. We’re now going on 20 years of business as Manifesto, Inc.


What Kinds of design projects do you usually work on?

Residential and commercial projects are the two most common that I work on; however, there tends to be some structural and exterior design work. My commercial work typically comes from clients who’ve had me design their homes, and then they ask to have their offices done as well.


How would you describe your approach to design, particularly for a kitchen or bathroom?

Space planning and storage are my first steps in a both concepts. A kitchen is usually based on the space available and functionality within the space. In a kitchen, I try to avoid tight spaces and increase flow. The kitchen tends to be a gathering place so you want it to have maneuverability. Sometimes clients don’t have the luxury of space, and it’s my goal to create the space needed.


Who are your design influences?

Sister Parish design, Dorothy Draper, Bunny Williams – I love their attention to detail and their use of bold patterns. These techniques tend to make a lasting impression and add interest to any space.


How important are the details like knobs, drawer pulls, and other accents? And how do you go about selecting the right hardware?

Very! It’s the little details that make a lasting impression. Depending upon the project, they can be utilitarian in style and other times they’re the jewelry in the room that pulls the room together.


Anything you can tell us about working with Linda and Premium Hardware?

I work with Linda at Premium Hardware because of her knowledge over many brands, styles, finished, etc. She can always direct my ideas and thoughts towards the accessories I’m envisioning. Linda adds so much value to my client’s projects, because she can meet all of their expectations and stay within their budget. I’ve been working with Linda for many years and her work is phenomenal.

Linda creates the best customer experience! She’s always knowledgeable about the collections, being budget conscious, creative, welcoming, and current on design trends. She adds something special to the whole experience with her welcoming personality and yummy cookies. The showroom always smells like warm baked cookies!


Any other notes and comments for us?

The staff that assists Linda are always helpful and friendly. They’re always willing to accommodate the ever changing pace of the design process. I have a lot of appreciation for Linda and the staff.


Chris is a delight and we’re so happy he was able to share his thoughts and story with us.

A very special thanks again to Chris for his time and comments!  

Be sure to explore his website, Manifesto Inc, and keep up with his designs on social media.


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