Designer Spotlight: Gary Bruck of Sullivan Bruck Architects

At Premium Hardware, we’re blessed to work with some of the most talented interior designers and home architects in the Midwest.  People would be amazed at how much talent there is right here in Columbus, from interior design and decor to architects and building contractors. It’s a treasure trove of gorgeous work and we want to shine a spotlight on some of the most talented people in the industry.

In this edition of Designer Spotlight, we speak with Gary Bruck of Sullivan Bruck Architects.  This talented architect has been designing luxury homes for Columbus residents for over 40 years and works with a talented team of designers and architects at his firm here in town.  Gary is always a great partner for us and we have great respect for his insight into the home design process. Let’s learn a little something about Gary as an architect and businessman.


“Architecture involves weaving simplicity from chaos in a manner that exceeds expectations.”

-Gary Bruck

How did you get started with design and architecture?

I picked up a couple architecture classes in High School and followed up by going to The Ohio State University.

What kinds of design projects do you usually work on? How do you and your team work together?

My specialty is custom designed luxury homes. I stay involved with the project through fruition and work closely with my project architect who prepares the construction documents.

How would you describe your approach to design and architecture, particularly for a kitchen or bathroom?

Both kitchens and bathrooms need to be well thought out. The kitchen is the hub of daily life and entertaining life, so much thought needs to be given to how it flows. Bathroom design is a very personal space and is designed to the clients wishes. I spend a lot of time listening to my clients and noting their preferences prior to initiating any design.

Who are your design influences?

I am influenced by Classical design in that I believe regardless of the vernacular that is being requested, good scale and proportion are critical to its success. I like to look at a variety of published architects as you never know where an inspirational idea may come from.

How important are the details like knobs, drawer pulls, and other accents?  And how do you go about selecting the right hardware?

The appearance of a room can be substantially changed by the use of different hardware components. Here again, scale and proportion come into play in selecting the right hardware. Consideration should be given to the entire aesthetic of the room so as to coordinate with all elements of design in the room.

Anything you can tell us about working with Linda and Premium Hardware?

Linda has always been a great source to be able to touch and feel thousands of different hardware options, and has the creative mind to help find unique solutions for custom home buyers. She is skilled at balancing thoughts from the architect, interior designer, and the homeowner while working within a specified budget.


We appreciate Gary taking the time to chat with us and encourage our readers to explore the beautiful works that he and his team have designed and constructed by visiting them online.  We work with some really talented people here in the Columbus area so feel free to inquire about our design partners and visit our showroom to get a look at everything Premium Hardware has to offer!