Designer Spotlight: Mara Protich from Colverleaf Design

At Premium Hardware, we’re blessed to work with some of the most talented interior designers and home architects in the Midwest.  People would be amazed at how much raw talent there is right here in Columbus, from interior design and home decor to architects and building contractors. It’s a treasure trove of gorgeous work and we want to shine a spotlight on some of the most talented people in the industry.

In this edition of Designer Spotlight, we speak with Mara Protich of Cloverleaf Design.  She and her partner, April Kennedy, started the boutique design firm in 2014 and have had brilliant success employing their talent here in the Columbus market, working on everything from total remodels to reallocation of existing space, furniture selection, accessories, and color consultations. Let’s learn a little something about Mara as a designer and artist.


Mara Protich : Cloverleaf Design

How did you get started with interior design?

My father was a builder and my mother, an architect. Design was a part of my world from my childhood. I’ve always been fascinated by art, color, and how things work. Redesigning spaces, whether it be the horse barn or decorating my room were childhood activities. I would sit at my mother’s drawing table and “work” from the time I could crawl up onto the stool. In school, I loved my art classes. I was fortunate to grow up in Greenwich, CT and attended Greenwich High School where my art teachers were an amazing influence and the program supported my every whim, from painting to sculpture. I later attended Pratt in NY on scholarship and was very excited to study Interior Design.


How would you describe your approach to design, particularly for a kitchen or bathroom?

Most important to our process is to to determine the client’s needs and desires up front, and then listen and observe how they perceive the need to improve their space. Everyone who calls on us has a reason for wanting to renovate. We listen, then apply our knowledge to assist in creating spaces that fulfill and satisfy the needs of our clients. Our motto is not to let our clients make any errors when choosing how they want their space to live.


Who are your design influences?

Frank Lloyd Wright’s clean, organic simplicity and calculated nod to nature, Phillipe Starck’s modern approach, IM Pei’s amazing use of space and materials; all of these are key architects among many that I consider to have influenced me greatly.

The rich colors and textures of paintings by artists of all periods capture my attention. Whether minimalist, baroque, or old masters, color, use of light, and textures are all things I notice about artwork. The details are intriguing. I began my career in display doing windows and working with fashion merchandising in retail. I have had the pleasure of working with fashion shows and trunk shows for clothing and designers from Karl Lagerfeld, Emmanuel Ungaro, Claude Montana Chanel, and Nicole Miller, to name a few.

Beautiful fabrics, design, construction of garments, as well as the space and design of the stores where they are showcased, I am very intrigued by the creativity in retail fashion. The colors and textures of the world’s most beautiful fabrics have had a profound influence on my life as it relates to design.


How important are the details like knobs, drawer pulls, and other accents?  And how do you go about selecting the right hardware?

Linda’s design studio is an essential key to the success of our furniture and cabinetry pieces. We’re able to choose from an amazing variety of knobs and pulls in her showroom, as well as design our own customized pieces with Linda’s help! We feel the cabinetry is not complete until we add the perfect hardware to the pieces we’ve designed. The client can certainly find many beautiful options to suit individual taste and personal style, and there’s no better place than the Premium Hardware showroom to survey these options. We chose to use appliance pulls for a recent kitchen and the results are stunning! Whether the concept is bold or demure, Linda has many options for a home interior design.

What would you say about your experience with Premium Hardware?

It has been a pleasure to work with Linda on our design projects! She gives us individual attention during each visit and we feel right at home in her showroom. Linda’s good nature and willingness to help is a wonderful opportunity for any designer looking for a fun, attentive experience when choosing the bling for their project.
We had a great time talking with Mara and always enjoy working with her here in the Premium Hardware showroom.  For more information on what Cloverleaf Design is up to, visit them online!


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