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Dispelling some Misconceptions about Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is one of the most integral parts of your kitchen and can often serve a vital role in other areas of the house. In addition to the important functionality of knobs, pulls,handles, and hinges, cabinet hardware is the final touch in an overall aesthetic and beauty of the space. However, there are some common misconceptions about cabinet hardware that we’d like to go ahead and dispel to clear things up.


Cabinet Hardware is just for Kitchens

Even if the items are considered ‘kitchen cabinet hardware’, this doesn’t exclude them from being implemented in other areas of the home. These days there are drawers, cabinets, and doors all throughout the house that can be decorated and outfitted with premium cabinet hardware so don’t feel limited by the name or description.


Cabinet Hardware Selections Don’t Really Matter

Some people are happy with the fastest and cheapest options for everything from their dinner choice to their interior design. Some of us are not so happy with those options, however. The choices you make in regards to your cabinet hardware will have a big impact on the design and aesthetic of your home and can affect the bottom line. Cheap imports will rust and degrade much faster than high quality premium hardware products available from the best creators in the business.  These choices in material, shape, color, texture, and design will affect the mood of your home for generations.  Choose wisely.


Only Contemporary Hardware can go in a Contemporary Kitchen

Design styles change, things go in and out of fashion, but never be bound by someone else’s rules. Mixing contemporary elements with traditional styles is called Transitional Design and it’s been popular for many years now.  There are many ways that sleek, modern design elements can be merged with more traditional varnishes and old world brass.


The Best Place to Shop for Cabinet Hardware is a Home Improvement Store

Obviously, this is a myth we’re eager to stamp out because you really don’t get the tailored service, the professional advice, or the high-end selection of cabinet hardware when shopping at big box home improvement stores.  The real deal experience, if you’re really looking for something that suits your home and fits your tastes, is to visit a specialist like Premium Hardware that caters to folks with an eye for detail and design.


Having cleared up a few of the myths and misconceptions about cabinet hardware, let us now invite you to come take a tour through our exquisite showroom of pieces and diverse designs. We’ll help you find the kitchen hardware and bathroom details that are right for you and fit your vision.