Hardware Design Styles You Need to Know

Home Hardware Design Styles You Need to Know

There are so many wonderful ways to design and organize your home and it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to decide where to begin. A great place to start when choosing hardware for your home is to begin with a design concept that interests you and build out from there. There are three major design styles on which most homeowners base the design of their home. These are familiar to most interior decorators and hardware manufacturers, which can give you an advantage when ordering specific hardware pieces to fit your desired style.

Traditional Style

The traditional style is based on designs from the past and focuses on comfort and romantic features, giving off a familiar aura. Traditional style originates from 19th-century European design and includes the Georgian, Federal, and Victorian eras.  This category usually includes simple, elegant hardware pieces that favor functionality over aesthetic, characterized by polished round knobs and simple shaped bar pulls.

Here are a few of our favorite hardware pieces that match a traditional style interior:

armac martin mushroom knob
Armac Martin Mushroom Knob
armac martin kitchen pull
Armac Martin Kitchen Pull






Transitional Style

Transitional style is an evolving design that takes on characteristics of trends and fashions throughout history. This style came from movements that blended eras and designs and gained popularity in American homes starting in the mid-1940s. Transitional design is very popular today and could include anything from a farm sink and subway tile to tin ceilings paired with modern lighting.

transitional cabinet knobs
Transitional Cabinet Knobs
Transitional Door Pulls






Contemporary Style

Contemporary designs are based on simplistic colors, designs, and shapes as the focus of aesthetic appeal. This design style became popular in the late 20th century and encompasses clean lines and basic shapes, perfect for a minimalist feel to your personal space.  

Manzoni Modern Hardware
modern door hardware
Manzoni Modern Hardware


Whatever design you are basing your choices on, our designers at Premium Hardware will help you make your selections. Our showroom allows you to touch and feel options and bring in inspiration to make your decision easier.

Allow us to help you make the process a breeze and enjoyable!