How to Order Door Hardware

Your front doors are the gateway to your home and they should capture your spirit and personality. We always strive to help a client choose the perfect complement to their home design, from ornate brass handles to a modern wood grain finish. There are so many options for designer door hardware, a creative mind could wander our showroom for hours soaking it all in and dreaming up possibilities.

Ordering Door Hardware

Choosing the style and aesthetic for your door hardware is a process of careful selection and comparison, but it always culminates in ordering the proper pieces for your project. This is sometimes where people get confused. Learning how to order door hardware means understanding the key distinctions in form and function, particularly for the locking mechanism.

Door Handle Function

There are four primary functions to choose from when ordering door hardware.

  • Keyed Entry: When a keyed lock is needed on one side, usually the outside.
  • Privacy (Bedroom/Bathroom): For doors that could need locking from the inside but only require a simple emergency tool to unlock from the outside.
  • Passage (Hall/Closet): For doors that don’t need locking at all.
  • Dummy: Often used as a pull or to match trim, these don’t lock or latch.

Door Handing

Some doors open inward, others outward, and the handle can be on the left or the right.  A door’s handing is a way of describing how the door functions and on which side the hardware will be installed.  This is important for levers more so than knobs, as the lever needs to be oriented a certain way on the door to work properly.

To avoid confusion between designers and builders, it’s important to be clear about the door handing.

The correct way to assess a door’s handing is to;

  • Stand outside the room or house, facing the door, regardless of whether it swings inward or outward.
  • If the hinge is on the Right, it is a Right Hand Door.
  • If the hinge is on the Left, it is a Left Hand Door.

correct door handing chartEven though the door handle itself is on the right side of the door, the direction of the lever will necessitate the left hand.  See how easy this is to get confused?  It’s even more difficult for contractors who are used to ordering doors by specifying which side of the door the hole for the handle will be. That’s why we wanted to explain. Handing is important to consider when learning how to order door hardware.

There are a wide range of options and styles available for accenting the entryway to your home and its many rooms.

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If you have any questions about how to order door hardware for your home project, feel free to reach out to the experts here at Premium Hardware. Tap our extensive knowledge of available product options and tour our 3800 square foot showroom for inspiration and ideas!