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Selecting the Right Hardware for Your Home

When updating your kitchen or bathroom, the first thing you may focus on is paint colors, tile, and new cabinetry. While these things all play a large role in the look of your home, it’s the small details that will complete the look and make it feel like home. Touches like the hardware on the cabinets and the finish of your door handles really add the finishing details and polish to the overall look.

These details can be the hardest to choose, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Premium Hardware, we make it easy and fun by allowing you to touch and interact with sample hardware and a custom consultation where we can answer all of your questions to help you achieve the look of your dreams!

When choosing hardware for your home, it’s important to consider each of the main style components, including material, functionality, and finish as well as how it will fit into the larger design of your space.

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Home Hardware Materials

Hardware can be constructed from a variety of materials, all of which can come in a variety of desired finishes. The design style you’re going for will determine your material and finish choices.  The following are among the most common premium options.


Bronze is typically an alloy of copper and tin. It carries a warm tone but is a bit more muted due to the tin, and over time will continue to get darker. Similar to copper, bronze will patina with time, which can be very desirable depending on the look you are wanting to achieve.


Another copper alloy mixed with zinc, brass has a yellow tone and appears more gold in color. This material can tarnish but with proper sealing and polishing, this tarnishing can be prevented.


This material is made mostly of tin and sometimes other metals like copper and silver. It will not tarnish but it will patina over time. With regular polishing, pewter will maintain a beautiful shine and silvery hue.


Iron is made mainly in two forms; wrought, which is hammered and stretched, or cast, which is melted in a liquid cast. Wrought iron is rarer than cast iron but alternative materials such as steel can be made to mimic iron. Knobs and pulls with ornate detailing tend to be made out of cast iron.

Hardware Finishes

The finish placed on your hardware is what creates the texture and shine of the material. Below are the most popular options:

    • Polish: A shiny and smooth look and feel. This finish is easy to clean but can collect fingerprints and smudges.
    • Brushed/Satin: A metallic sheen that is not quite as shiny as a polished finish and has a smoother look.
    • Matte/ Flat: This finish is not shiny or glossy and is similar to a satin finish.
    • Antiqued and Distressed: These finishes are made to look authentic and aged over time. If you are wanting something unique and full of character, this is the perfect finish.

Matching Hardware with Decor

It’s important that whatever hardware options you choose work well with your overall home design. A great way to create the look you desire is to gather inspiration from pictures and designers. We’ve collected our favorite bedroom and bathroom designs on Pinterest and HouzzThese resources come in handy for designing your dream look.

Our associates at Premium Hardware are well versed in home design and interior trends of today and yesterday. Working together with you, we can create an authentic look that’s completely unique and one of a kind. Whether you come to us with a theme or would like to base your look off of a type of wood of favorite piece, our experts will help you create the look you’ve been longing for!

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