Thanks for 10 Amazing Years!

Last week we celebrated an important milestone in the story of Premium Hardware and Linda’s journey as a creative mind in the home hardware space. To commemorate 10 wonderful years in business, offering only the best in kitchen, bath, and door hardware, we hosted a gallery event here in our showroom for some of our most loyal and ardent supporters.  It was a fantastic success full of friends, laughter, delicious food, and a few glasses of wine.  We’d like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with us, it really meant a lot!

The Premium Hardware Story

When Premium Hardware was formed 10 years ago, Linda was designing and constructing custom closet cabinetry and other home interior storage solutions under the name Closet Imagery, a company she formed in 1985. While the work was enjoyable, they found more and more customers and design partners requesting specialty hardware pieces; nicer handles, finer knobs, and unique pulls. Over time, the need to display such a large assortment of designer hardware, and to seek out unique concepts from manufacturers worldwide, began to take over.

10 year anniversary

“We just kept getting more and more requests,” Linda says.  “I was the go-to person for designer hardware so I just kept ordering more and more product  until I needed to open a whole new company to manage it!”

That was when Premium Hardware was born. Several clients and friends stayed with us through the transition and are still some of our best customers to this day. Linda was able to keep both businesses alive until the 2007 housing crash tipped the whole industry into a panic. While the cabinetry line struggled, Linda’s designer hardware business flourished. With great dismay, the decision was made in May of 2010 to close Closet Imagery and focus solely on Premium Hardware.

Many of the wonderful clientele that made the transition with us were also incredibly supportive during the difficult and trying battle with cancer that Linda fought in late 2010. After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September of 2010, Linda went through a very difficult period of chemo treatments and medical procedures before finally conquering the disease and returning with all the energy and laughter she is loved for to this day. Linda has been in remission since April 2011.designer hardware showroom ohio

“So many people stood by me during that difficult time,” Linda recalls. “Many didn’t know anything was going on at all, of course, but those that did proved to be the most supportive friends and colleagues anyone could ask for. It was really wonderful and inspired my husband and I with the hope we needed.”

When the battle was over, Linda returned full force to the showroom. “I love it!” she exclaims with glee. “It’s like Christmas everyday working with this beautiful hardware and with the clients.  I get to work with some of the most creative, wonderful people everyday, it’s awesome.  Very little stress, it’s easy to manage the product, and I just love seeing designers and their clients smile.”

Linda loves the opportunity to travel and curate her enormous collection of the most interesting decorative hardware in the business. “I love collecting these treasures,” she says. “I get to travel, shop, and collect beautiful items that you can only get in places like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago and make them available here in the showroom.”

Premium Hardware offers many exclusive lines, including collections from the United States, England, Australia, Canada, Argentina, and many other places, which really adds tremendous value to the shopping experience here in the showroom. Premium Hardware offers so many unique, original pieces that can’t be found anywhere else in Central Ohio, and with some collections, the entire State. These can be shipped all over the country.

In addition to the product and the clients, Linda credits her team as one of the great joys in her line of work. Bethany Scheck, joined her side last summer and, in Linda’s view, has been a godsend.  “I don’t know what I ever did without her,” she admits with a smile. “She is fabulous!” Her husband, Ken, who has always been her biggest supporter, joined her in the business earlier this year to help continue Premium Hardware’s growth.

Looking Ahead

After 10 wonderful years in business, Linda and the Premium Hardware team are looking to the future with anticipation and excitement. We’re launching our own unique branded line of designer hardware under the label C.Bel in early 2017.  “It’s time,” says Linda. “After so many years of getting feedback and requests from very savvy, creative clients and friends, it was just finally time for us to put something fresh into the market.”

The Personal Touch

C.Bel will be an all-new, all-original line of premium cabinet hardware curated and selected   by Linda and the Premium Hardware team.  “It’s very unique to us and within the industry,” Linda comments.

“It’s been a real blessing so far,” Linda tells us, thinking back on 10 successful years and a much longer career in home interior design. “I can’t wait for the next ten.”

Once again, we’d like to offer the most sincere gratitude and appreciation to our friends, colleagues, and clients who have offered such loyal support and patronage over the years. We look forward to continuing a prosperous, creative partnership into the future.


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