The Beautiful Touch of Turnstyle Designs

Interior door and cabinet hardware design can suffer when manufacturers opt for function over form. The result is often an uninteresting selection of cabinet hardware that fulfills its basic purposes but which offers little or no aesthetic appeal beyond those purposes. We want to be inspired by hardware, and sometimes we wouldn’t mind being absolutely dazzled by the thought that goes into it!

Enter Turnstyle Designs.

Since 1992, the United Kingdom designer and manufacturer, Turnstyle Designs, has elevated form over pure function to produce design-led architectural hardware that really captures the eye. The company incorporates classic materials to create contemporary interior hardware that, over the past 25 years, has added to the prestige of high-end private homes, yachts, hotels, and restaurants. They just updated their website and it’s absolutely beautiful with elegant photography of their entire product catalog.

Turnstyle Designs Hardware
Image Courtesy of Turnstyle Designs


Turnstyle Designs’ Product Line

The company’s products span five product groups, namely;

  • Door Hardware
  • Window Furniture
  • Furniture Handles
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • General Hardware

They prefer not to confine their hardware to one or a small family of metal finishes, but offer products in a range of finishes that include bright chrome, satin nickel, antique bronze, and special order vintage dark patina. One of the more unique aspects of Turnstyle Designs’ products is their use of leathers and composite materials on gooseneck handles and insets on knobs. This adds a really nice organic texture to the grip that just brings it down to Earth in the most beautiful way! The company also pushes its designs with mother-of-pearl and multi-hued “paua” finishes on some of its grips, which are just out of this world.

crafting designer hardware
Image Courtesy of Turnstyle Designs


Turnstyle Door Hardware

Turnstyle Designs’ door hardware has an understated and minimalist flair in its traditional door handles and pulls and in its less common flush revolving door handles, pad handles, and thumb turn sets. Its window furniture includes crank handles and tilt-and-turn window handles that can be matched to door hardware for a really nice, vintage feel to the space.  There’s something really captivating about hardware that operates in an unconventional way or feels different in your hand, it really brings out a nice touch to the usage of the space.


Turnstyle Kitchen & Bath Hardware

designer cabinet hardwareTurnstyle expands its use of leather and composites in its furniture and bathroom handle products as well. A large surface area on those handles is often covered in a thick leather finish that appeals to both visual and touch senses, not to mention the gorgeous smell of fresh leather in a room! Leather and composite materials are less present in the company’s hardware products, such as its door bolts, hinges, and door stops, but all of its hardware stems from a design-first appeal to aesthetics and the senses.  Interacting with these pieces is really a unique experience.

Turnstyle Designs also prides itself on custom designs and hardware that can be uniquely created to match any home or other location. If you’re unable to find a product within Turnstyle Designs’ slate of product offerings that suits your tastes, the company will custom-design and build products that satisfy your specific tastes. In all cases, whether you’re selecting designs that the company created in-house or that it created specifically for you, Turnstyle Designs uses only the best materials on the market and it only employs highly skilled specialist craftsmen, engineers, and assembly workers for its productions. The company stands by its products in design, function and durability, and we at Premium Hardware absolutely love this stuff!


To get a feel for these wonderfully organic hardware pieces, come visit our showroom in Gahanna, just outside of Columbus. While you’re here, you can browse a few other lines that have similar characteristics until you just can’t take it anymore and are forced to choose!  Don’t worry, Linda will help you find the perfect fit.  That’s what she’s here for!

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