The Benefits of Solid Brass Cabinet Hardware

There are so many wonderful brands and designers creating cabinet hardware these days that it really is a golden age of home decor.  We’re proud to work with over forty different premium brands with hundreds of options for home interior design and kitchen cabinetry. While a wide range of styles and materials is great for variety and choice, there are a few things that stand out above the rest. Today we’d like to highlight that advantages and benefits of solid brass cabinet hardware.


Benefits of Solid Brass Cabinet Hardware

Solid Brass Hardware is Durable

Cabinet handles and drawer pulls can be made from several materials, but things like zinc and aluminum are known to wear down faster with frequent use and handling. Brass is a strong metal that remains sturdy and durable for years on end. Now, you can’t always tell what the material is because so many hardware styles are lacquered or plated to preserve, protect, and beautify the underlying material.  However, when it’s brass you’re coating, the finish is up to 300% more durable than when you apply it to zinc.


Solid Brass Hardware is Consistent

As metals go, brass is much more consistent as a base material than softer metals thanks to the manufacturing process. As a consistent base material, a finish or plating is going to adhere to the material better and for a longer time period before eroding or flaking off. The nature of brass manufacturing is such that the extruded to produce a very fine, almost imperceptible grain pattern on the surface, allowing better adhesion to surface finishes.


Solid Brass Hardware is Beautiful

There is something classical and warm about brass and it can really bring a traditional design to life. You’ve got a strong, consistent base material that can be plated or lacquered with any surface material or left bare to give off an organic, rustic feel to a vintage design.


Solid Brass Hardware is Versatile and Easy to Care For

A signature advantage to brass hardware is that it’s naturally antimicrobial, thanks to the copper in its makeup, so it’s easy to clean and keep sanitized.  They wipe clean very easily and because the metal is pliable in the shop, it can be shaped into so many different designs and molds. It can fit in any room of the house and be fitted to most design styles because of its wide versatility as a material.


There are so many options when it comes to choosing quality bathroom hardware and kitchen cabinetry.  Come into Premium Hardware and browse our breathtaking showroom of diverse designs while Linda and her team of experts help you narrow down your selection to something purely perfect.

See you soon!