The Classic Look of Armac Martin

With a long, proud history of designing and manufacturing the highest quality home hardware and furniture products, Armac Martin continues to dazzle us with their premium line of polished brass fixtures.

The global powerhouse known as Armac Martin is a conglomerate of three distinct companies that came together to streamline the design, production, and distribution of their home hardware product lines.  Brass Turned Parts, established in 1918, makes the parts in their Duddeston, Birmingham factory in the UK. Armac, in business since 1929, puts the final dress and finish on the pieces, giving them the shining luster their brand is known for among designers worldwide.  Finally, Martin, a company founded in 1950, handles the sales and distribution of the products.  That’s over 240 years of combined experience in the business of crafting gorgeous home hardware for kitchen, bath, and every other room of your home!

There is a distinct mark of craftsmanship and class associated with Armac Martin’s hardware, something that our design partners consistently laud as a major driving factor in choosing these pieces for their home design projects. Their line of varied handles, knobs, hinges, and pulls come in a variety of styles from classic to contemporary, finished with everything from antique copper and silver plate to polished brass and satin nickel.

We reached out to our friend Richard McGrail, Commercial Director at Armac Martin, for a few comments on their hardware lines and he had this to say;

“All our products are designed in house and manufactured from our Birmingham purpose built factory. When designing new products, our product development team carefully considers the longevity of the designs as a focus point to the design process. We want our handles to stand the test of time both aesthetically and functionally.”

These pieces certainly live up to that standard, as we’ve seen homes over fifty years old still sporting finely polished brass hardware pieces from Armac Martin.  They’re a go-to resource for us when a client is looking to capture a classic, polished look in any new or refurbished space. Much to our excitement, Richard hinted at some new designs coming down the line this year.

“We are currently in the process of working on new designs due out in the Spring of 2017. We have one particular range that has been designed to target the US market at the very top end of the market – we are very excited for this particular launch and cannot wait to give further details in due course.”

We’ll certainly get the exclusive for our friends and fans here at Premium Hardware as soon as details are released.  If you haven’t explored the beautiful designs of Armac Martin, stop into our showroom in Gahanna for a private tour with Linda and visit the Armac Martin website.


Stay tuned next month as we explore a new featured vendor here on the blog, and don’t forget to browse our social media streams for gorgeous hardware pieces from Armac Martin throughout February!