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The Elegant Spirit of ZEN

zen hardware vendor

Every so often a hardware manufacturer comes along that combines a beautiful aesthetic appeal with an inspired mission to transform the home environment. That’s what we love so much about ZEN. Since 2004, this Brazilian hardware manufacturer has been producing beautifully designed product lines for homes, kitchens, and bathrooms that appeal to elegance and subtlety.

ZEN Design was founded by four creative partners in the small town of Bento Goncalves in the south of Brazil. This region is the center of Brazil’s furniture and cabinet industry, giving them the perfect roots for carving out a niche in the hardware market. Their high-quality collection of decorative bath, cabinet, and door hardware is the jewel of Brazil’s home design market and has recently made quite a splash in the United States.

Where Luxury Meets Minimalism

The real appeal of ZEN’s hardware line is the unique blend of simplicity and luxurious elegance. Inspired by their mission to transform the urban home into a sanctuary, ZEN’s designers create products that capture a sense of harmony within the home environment. In their own words, they bring more comfort and spirit to everyday life. Their brand name is wisely chosen to reflect this mission to harmonize the rooms of your home and create a sense of symmetry and tranquility. 

ZEN bathroom hardware

Though they offer hundreds of products, their main aesthetic is a beautiful, shiny silver that’s often accented with shimmering jewels reminiscent of diamonds. For that subtle hint of sparkle, there’s no better brand for home hardware. Their bathroom accessories offer a complete range of hardware and utility pieces that bring the whole room to life, from cabinet knobs to soap dispensers. It’s a complete package, and one that truly shines.

Find ZEN Products in our Showroom

ZEN has been showcasing their products in the US since 2014, operating from their domestic office in Boca Raton, Florida. Premium Hardware is the exclusive retailer of ZEN hardware here in the Columbus area and our showroom features a sampling of their product line for you to touch, feel, and compare to other options.

ZEN bathroom hardware

Come in and speak with our in-house experts to learn what ZEN has to offer for your home. There’s nothing quite like touching the hardware for yourself to see how it would function in your space.

We look forward to seeing you soon!