The Inspired Work of Philip Watts

This month’s featured vendor is one of our favorite hardware manufacturers for their extensive selection of custom cabinet and door hardware.  Philip Watts is a UK based designer and manufacturer of high-quality interior design products for residential and commercial projects.  While we tend to focus on their handles, they do some very interesting work with furniture, handrails, and other supplemental pieces.  If you’re looking for a unique look from a team that takes creative design quite seriously, then the folks at Philip Watts have you covered.

philip watts hardware

Hardware as Art

Philip Watts has a talented team of designers, craftsmen, and ironmongers that sculpt truly beautiful works of art for your home. Specializing in what they call “giant jewelry for doors,” the team has crafted door handles in the shape of angel wings, hand guns, driftwood, and all manner of creative expressions. There’s a sense of play and wonder to their creations that homeowners and designers just love! Having designed and installed unique, artistic hardware for A-list celebrities and exclusive hotels, Philip Watts has a firm handle on what’s trendy, memorable, and beautiful.

philip watts hardware columbus ohio

Materials and Finishes

It’s always an enormous relief to work with a supplier that offers a range of customization options on their products. People often have very specific and unique needs to suit their home design so the range of product materials and finishes available through Philip Watts means we can always come up with the perfect solution. Their creative molds and styles come in bronze, brass, and aluminum.  While each metal gives a somewhat different feel, the vast array of finishes that can be applied to them allow so much creative freedom that we just love the chance to design a solution with the Philip Watts team.

philip watts bespoke hardware design

Come Down and Browse some Samples!

Here in the Premium Hardware showroom, we’ve got some gorgeous samples of what the Philip Watts team is capable of crafting.  Come in for a free consultation with our hardware experts to find just the right solution to complete the look and feel of your home.