The Stunning Designs of Ashley Norton

In slightly less than thirty years, Ashley Norton has established itself as a premier domestic manufacturer of high end architectural hardware. The company is a specialist in the production of solid brass and bronze fixtures and hardware that is universally durable, unique, and elegant. It uses an art grade bronze that assures a naturally flowing texture in its bronze products. The company also uses a hot forging method for its brass products, which feature crisp, sharp lines and a quality finish that stands up to all conditions.

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Further, Ashley Norton blends the best engineering practices with its designs to eliminate common problems that plague heavier, architectural fixtures, including lever sag and difficult or sluggish operation. It incorporates high-quality and corrosion-resistant stainless steel components to ensure durability, which creates door fixtures that are rated to withstand more than 5 million cycles.

The evidence of the appeal of Ashley Norton architectural hardware is in the use of those products in several high-end projects, including the Wynn, Bellagio, Treasure Island, and Marriott Grand Chateau in Las Vegas, and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim.


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The company’s product lines include levers, knobs, and other door hardware, cabinet hardware, specialty door and window hardware, pull handles, push plates, and other home accessories. To help designers and homeowners select the optimum products for their own installations, Ashley Norton has organized its products into several different suites, each of which centers around a common theme. The company’s rectangular suite, for example, includes several hardware sets featuring square or rectangular door face plates. Its traditional suite features lower-profile hardware that has a more universal appeal.

Ashley Norton’s growth and success is driven by its desire to develop new and novel hardware designs. The company most recently displayed new bronze levers and knobs, gate hardware, surface bolts, and floor-mounted gooseneck door stops. It continues to produce solid brass hinges in several different finishes, each of which is engineered to deliver years of problem-free operations.

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High-end builders and designers prefer to offer quality interior hardware products, like those produced by Ashley Norton, to their clients. Homeowners who are interested in Ashley Norton products should look for showrooms and distributors who carry the full range of Ashley Norton’s product suites and who can assist in the selection of the best products for each specific building commission.


Premium Hardware in Columbus, Ohio, is a proud distributor of Ashley Norton designer home hardware.  We created a showroom with homeowners and designers in mind. We offer personalized service in a relaxed environment that allows you to see, feel and test the interior hardware products that you will be proud to put into your own home. For more information or for answers to your home hardware questions, please contact us by email to info@premium-hardware.com, or call us at 644-755-4419.