Why Showrooms are Important in Home Design

We live in a world that is trending toward virtual reality and three-dimensional depictions of physical structures. These virtual worlds are useful for visualizing how things will look as they are changed or modified, but in all instances they begin with an actual physical structure that has been created to give virtual modelers a starting point for their digital creations. Whether you are building your new home or remodeling an existing one, you will discover that showrooms are just as important in your own home design adventure.


Showrooms give you a tactile 3-dimensional experience.

Even the best 3-dimensional drawing will not give you the tactile sensation and the feel for the actual sizes and interactions of design features. In a physical showroom, you can open drawers, move around stationary objects, and better visualize how design features will coordinate with the physical structure of your own home. Virtual reality may come close to offering a replacement for the tactile sensations you can experience in a showroom, but it will not give you a feel for the density or heft of the materials that you will feel and experience in an actual showroom.


Showrooms allow you to inspect design and product details.

Pictures and digital representations of products can display finer details and product features in a relatively static setting. In a showroom, you can inspect products for materials and craftsmanship. You can better compare products and features side-by-side. Options that might get lost in a photograph or virtual depiction, such as crown molding or subtle color variations, will be more prevalent when you see them in person.


Showrooms connect you with top sellers and designers.

A good showroom will give you access to products and features from top designers as they become available and they will showcase those products and features in a physical environment that best replicates what you will see in your own home. Showrooms also give you space and opportunity to meet with your own architects and designers, who can accompany you into displays to show you different options and to educate you on other products and features that may be available.


Showrooms activate your own creative impulses.

You will likely see multiple different design options within the total space of a well-built showroom. You might not be able to explain your ideas to a designer or architect, but seeing those different options will open your own thinking to allow you to collaborate with them more intelligently and more creatively. You know best how your home will fit your needs, and you can use showroom mock-ups to determine how something can be designed to satisfy those needs.


Showrooms help you to select patterns, colors, and designs.

When you select products or features separately, you risk making selections that clash or that do not coordinate well. Showrooms will display multiple different patterns and features in a single environment to help eliminate this risk.


Premium Hardware in Columbus, Ohio, maintains a 3,800 square foot showroom that features a broad selection of designer home hardware. Homeowners, designers, and architects use our showroom to help them develop the best and most aesthetically-pleasing kitchen and home designs that incorporate high-quality and unique hardware.

Please visit our showroom, contact us by email to info@premium-hardware.com, or call us at 644-755-4419 for answers to your home hardware questions.